A number of crushers are available, designed to reduce the physical volume of waste:

1100 ltr Wheelie Bin Press / Crusher

Bin CrusherTechnical Specifications
Compaction Force: 2 tonne
Compaction Cycle Time: 25 Seconds
Compaction System: Electro Hydraulic
Compaction Ratio: 3.1 depending upon material used
Safety Features: 2 handed operation
Machine Dimensions: 1160mm wide x 1350mm deep x 2120mm high
Control Panel: On/off switch, two button control
Electrical System: Single phase 220-240 volt 50HZ 
Motor: 1.5 Kw
Machine Weight: 270 kg

45 Gallon Drum Crusher

45 Gallon Drum CrusherTechnical Specifications
Height: 2.52m
Width: 1.19m
Depth: 1m
Weight: 690kgs
Transportation Height: 1.8m
Power Supply: 3 Phase 400v
Motor: 11 Kw, 32 amp
Pressing Force: Up to 24 Ton
Noise Level: 75 Decibels
compaction Ratio: 6:1
Cycle Time: 40 seconds

High compaction force ratio
Clear controls for ease of operation
Totally inclosed shell insures high level of safety
30 litre Oil collection tray with Tap connection
1 year warranty parts and labour

Bag Crusher

Bag CrusherTechnical Specifications
Height: 1.9mm
Width: 1.2mm
Depth: 0.620m
Weight: 325kgs
Power Supply: 220-230v Single phase
Motor: 1.5Kw
Pressing Force: Up to 3 Ton
Noise Level: 70 Decibels

High compaction force ratio 10:1
Clear controls for ease of operation
Suitable for Wet or Dry Waste Material
IP 55
Top Loading
Split chamber for ease of bag removal
Wheel mounted for ease of movement

For further information about any of these machines, please contact us.